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(Legislative Decree 22nd May 1999, n. 185)


Seller: it is the physical and legal entity that in contracts which imply distance selling, is acting in the course of his/her business activity;

Buyer or User (from hereon named Customer): means a natural person acting for purposes other than his or her trade, business or profession (as also defined by the Consumer Code Part 1 art. 3) who meets the requirements established by the law to stipulate valid purchasing agreements.

Techniques of remote communication: whichever form in absence of the physical presence of both the seller and the buyer is used to conclude the purchasing agreement between the two above-mentioned parts;

This remote purchasing agreement has as its specific object goods, such as toys and it is stipulated between the seller:

La Natura nel Gioco of Rodaro Tatiana based in Via Latisana 112/A/2 in Lignano Sabbiadoro (Udine);

Contact details : or 339-5631464; Internet site:; Registration code Registry of Companies: RDRTTN78R43E473G ; Nr. REA (4) :  281170 ;  VAT number : 02698490303 ; (Art.3-4)

and a customer, in the circumstance of a distance sales scheme organized by the seller who, by such contract adopts a means of distance communication (that is, internet), until the contract is concluded.

The goods, that is the toys are presented by a description and related photos with prices in the pages of this site (Art.3). the photos and the prices are only indicative. There might be slight variations of colour, size and manufacturing due to the natural source of the materials used from the photo published and the product itself and this criteria also applies to the handmade products which are unique.

The prices displayed are net prices exempt from eventual shipping costs which will be charged to the customer (Art.3). (See: Shipping and delivery)

Natura nel Gioco of Rodaro Tatiana reserves the right to vary: the price, the offers, the products and eventual mistakes made on the pages of this site as established in the present General Conditions, without having to give any notice.

Methods of payment (Art.3)

The methods of payment accepted are: credit cards, paypal, collect on delivery, bank draft.

Credit Card: We accept the following credit cards: Visa and MasterCard. Follow the instructions given with your credit card near at hand. Secure payment. On conclusion of the purchase of the chosen product or products, the customer will be redirected on the secure platform of CartaSì s.p.a. which manages the entire payment process: from the filling in of the data regarding the credit card to then being forwarded to international circuits up to the communication to the Customer of settled payment. The above-mentioned solution guarantees a secure management throughout all the stages of the transaction, avoiding the Seller to have to manage personal data of the Customer. The platform is certified PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) which guarantees the maximum possible degree of safety. Moreover, the payment service is managed following the 3D Secure protocol (3-Domain Secure) Verified by Visa e MasterCard Secure-Code, which furthermore guarantees greater protection buying through the Internet as it requires the authentication of the holder of the credit card to be able to conclude the payment. As the issuer of the credit card adheres to such protocols it gives its holders, if enrolled in the service, a data/personal code that allows you to verify with certainty the identity. This data/password will be requested to the holders when purchasing from sellers who adhere to the same safety measures.

In the payment process, therefore, the Customer who already possesses a password, will be requested to insert it. In the case he does not have one, he/she will be requested to register to obtain it. The transaction can be completed only in case of a positive outcome; otherwise the Customer must indicate another credit card or another form of payment to conclude the purchase.

Paypal: to be able to purchase using Paypal, it is necessary to register on the site

Advanced Bank Transfer: the goods will be delivered only at accreditation on the bank account of La Natura nel Gioco for the sum owed. The bank transfer must be received within 4 days from the date of the order otherwise the order will be automatically cancelled. Bank details:

Banca Friuladria Crédit Agricole
Account name:  La Natura nel Gioco of Rodaro Tatiana
IBAN :  IT41R0533663910000030227404

Cash: accepted only for telephone orders with payment against delivery (only for customers buying from Lignano Sabbiadoro).

Shipping and delivery (Art.3)

Unless otherwise prescribed between the parties, La Natura nel Gioco will have to deliver the goods within thirty days from the day after the Customer has made the order. (Consumer Code art. 54 paragraph 1).

La Natura nel Gioco offers its Customers two types of delivery.

1. Delivery by the Group GLS Express Deliverer.

For each delivery, the following shipping costs are charged to the Customer regardless of weight or of its volume/capacity ratio:

La Natura nel Gioco reserves the right to refuse orders whose destination is not within the Italian territory. In the case of a delivery outside the Italian territory is accepted, the shipping costs will be calculated depending on the destination, of its weight or size of the packaging and of the shipping rates charged by the Deliverer GLS. Please contact the Seller to get a detailed offer.

A standard delivery in normal conditions is shipped within 6 work days (only from Monday to Friday) depending on the area of destination and specifically as follows:

Italy (Calabria excluded): 24 / 48 hours
Italy in areas hard to reach: 72 / 120 hours
Calabria, Sicily and Sardinia: 48 / 96 hours
Calabria, Sicily and Sardinia in areas hard to reach: 72 / 144 hours

Delivery dates are to be considered indicative and not binding therefore in the case of unforeseeable circumstances or force majeure, La Natura nel Gioco will not be considered responsible for delays in delivery.

If the recipient is absent at the time of the 1st attempt of delivery, GLS will send an e mail to the address the Customer will have previously indicated or in the case this has not been provided, will make with us new arrangements for a 2nd attempt of delivery. If the 2nd attempt of delivery should fail too, the goods will be stocked.

The stocking service consists of housing the shipping goods which have not been delivered for reasons which do not depend on GLS.

In the case of a non-delivery, the goods are stocked in special areas which are supervised and have limited access.

GLS will automatically send an e mail to the address indicated on the packaging asking how to proceed. The fixed basic cost of the shipping of stock not delivered will be € 5,00.

With the intention of avoiding the risk of storage in the case of a failed delivery at the 1st attempt, GLS suggests as being the best solution, to have the Customer collect the package directly at the nearest GLS headquarters.

When one logs in, we suggest inserting one’s mobile phone too, as the driver may, if necessary, contact the Customer. We also suggest to add an address for delivery purposes where someone will always be present.

The Customer will be able to follow the delivery of his order visiting the site of the shipping company GLS How? Go to the Home Page click on “Online tools” then insert the delivery no. or tracking number ( which La Natura nel Gioco will supply via e mail as soon as possible) and click on “Enter”.

Natura nel Gioco, the moment after the delivery of the order by the express shipping company GLS, will not be responsible for the mentioned parcel. Complimentary Insurance. The Customer may request a complimentary insurance for an additional charge of € 3,00 per delivery. The insurance product suggested by GLS.

Acceptance subject to " reservation ".  In the case the package received has been tampered with or damaged also if only slightly (check whether the packing tape is of only one type and that there haven’t been other tapes added subsequently to the original one..), we suggest to specify in writing that the acceptance is subject to “reservation”.

In this way the parcel will be however forwarded to the recipient who will have the time to check whether the contents is undamaged or not.

2. Delivery to residence or however to the address indicated for shipping. In Lignano Sabbiadoro or surrounding areas ( the Municipality of Latisana, Precenicco and San Michele al T. ), orders can be made by  telephone ( +39 – 339 - 5631464 ) by cash payment on delivery.

Home deliveries will be made within 24-30 hours from the order and from Monday to Friday. Deliveries on Saturday and Sunday are possible on request and subject to the availability of La Natura nel Gioco.

Complaints and Services (Art. 4):

For any complaints or requests of assistance and/or information please contact:

La Natura nel Gioco of Rodaro Tatiana

Contact details:
mobile: 339-5631464 (From Monday to Friday from 9.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. and from 3.30 p.m. to 6.30 p.m.).
e-mail -

Right of withdrawal (Art. 3-5)

  • The Customer has the right to withdrawal from the actual distance contract, without any penalty and without having to give any specific reason, within the dead line of 10 work days from the date of receipt by the Customer of the goods, where the requirements of Article 4 has been fulfilled, and from the date when the above-mentioned have been fulfilled, provided that this takes place after the conclusion of the contract no later than three months from the conclusion thereof;

  • Provided it takes place after the conclusion of the contract no later than three months from the conclusion thereof;

  • If the Seller has not fulfilled his/her obligations under Article 4, the deadline for exercising the right of withdrawal is of three months for the goods from the date of receipt by the Customer;

  • The right of withdrawal is exercised by sending, within the prescribed period, a written communication to the address of the Seller’s headquarters by registered post with acknowledgement of receipt.

One can communicate this, within the above-mentioned deadline, by e mail too, ensuring that La Natura nel Gioco replies by registered delivery.

  • If the goods have already been delivered, the Customer should return them to the Seller or the person designated by him/her. The goods must be returned in the same conditions as the Customer received them neither damaged or used, including the original undamaged packaging together with the instructions, accessories and every single piece stated on the package. The dead line for returning of goods cannot be less than ten work days from the date of receipt of the good itself. The only charge due by the Customer having exercised the right of withdrawal are the direct costs of returning the goods to La Natura nel Gioco (that is, the delivery expenses).

  • If the right of withdrawal is exercised by the Customer in accordance to the provisions of this article, La Natura nel Gioco will refund the sum paid by the Customer. The refund will be paid as quickly as possible and in all cases within thirty days from the date La Natura nel Gioco has been informed of the right of withdrawal by the Customer. The right of withdrawal will be ineffective if the product delivered back is found damaged due to causes not attributable to transport, that is, the goods must be delivered back in the same conditions as the Customer received them neither damaged or used, including the original undamaged packaging together with the instructions, accessories and every single piece stated on the package. In this case, La Natura nel Gioco will refuse to accept the returned goods which will be delivered back to the Customer without him/her being able to demand any form of compensation or refund. Parcels delivered with collect on delivery or postage cheque will not be accepted.

Execution of the contract (Art. 6)

  • La Natura nel Gioco undertakes the responsibility to carry out the order as quickly as possible (see Shipping and Delivery too) and anyhow within thirty days from the day after the Customer has made the order.

  • Where a contract has not been carried out, due to unavailability, which may be even temporary of the requested goods, La Natura nel Gioco will inform the Customer in writing, as soon as possible, and in any case within thirty days from the day after the order has been made by the Customer and will reimburse the sums of money eventually already paid for the payment of the supplies

Direct information for the conclusion of the contract. Legislative Decree 9th April 2003, n. 70 - Art. 12 a, b, c, f

From the Home page the Customer can choose every time, the category of interest and therefore look at the photos, descriptions and pieces of the goods on this site. Clicking on the photos, titles or brief descriptions of the chosen product, one can open the pages regarding it, where one can find more information, photos, the availability and the price of each product. The Customer, therefore, can chose the quantity wished for and will click “Add to shopping basket”. La Natura nel Gioco undertakes the right to not accept orders which are not only momentarily unavailable, as indicated in the “quantity available”.

At this point, the Customer may: continue purchasing or moving the cursor on the shopping basket item (top right) can visualize his/her shopping basket and/or can (click on the small black letter x on the right) empty his/her basket and continue.

In the second case, the shopping basket will list:

1) the photo/s of the product/s chosen; 2) The quantity chosen for each relative product (identified by its name – clicking on it, the system will go back to the page describing that product); 3) the price; 4) delivery costs; 5) total payment due;

How to buy:

A) Click on the Shopping basket and proceed to purchase clicking “ check out”.

Summary of the Shopping basket:

Summary. At this point, after having checked the quantities, product types and the descriptions, unit or total prices, the delivery expenses, one can choose:

  1. Or to completely empty the shopping basket or to cancel only part of the products to be purchased, clicking on the “Cancel” button;

  2. Go back to the pages describing the product/s clicking on the relative photo/s or descriptions;

  3. Go back and continue shopping;

  4. Proceed with the purchase clicking on the button “continue”

Login. If the Customer is still not one of our registered Customers, he/she must register following the guided procedure (one will be requested to fill in: name, surname, address, tax identification number and e mail address too, and a mobile phone number). The new registered user will receive an e mail with the reltive data to log into his/her new account allowing him/her to purchase on our site: . If the Customer is a registered customer he/she will only have to digit his/her e mail and password.

Delivery. The Customer will receive a detailed briefing on the delivery timing and will have to choose the type of delivery wished for (see: Shipping and Delivery). The General Conditions of the Contract must be carefully read and accepted to be able to continue the procedure. We are sorry but if the conditions are not accepted we will not be able to proceed with the purchase. When the General Conditions are accepted, the summary of the purchased products will appear on the screen with the total price including the delivery expenses. The Customer, therefore, can carefully check if everything is correct and if all is according to his/her wishes, he/she can continue with the payment clicking on the icon corresponding to the type of payment chosen (see: Methods of payment) otherwise click on “back” to go back to the page before. He /She will receive an e mail in confirmation of the order made.

The successful purchases will take the Customer the last stage of the contract and that is, the delivery of the product/s purchased and already paid for to the address indicated by the Customer (Except for collect on delivery parcels where the sum due will be paid directly to the deliverer at the moment of arrival).

La Natura nel Gioco will file in its data base the documents needed for this procedure. The Customer may view them logging into his/her account. If it were necessary for security reasons and/or efficiency of the website to suspend partially or totally the visibility of the site, La Natura nel Gioco of Rodaro Tatiana has the right to do so.

The present General Conditions are governed by the Italian law and shall be interpreted in accordance to the Italian law. For any dispute it is under the jurisdiction of the civil court of Padua.

B) In Lignano Sabbiadoro and surrounding areas ( Municipality of Latisana, Precenicco and San Michele al T. ) orders can be made on the phone ( +39 – 339 - 5631464 ) via payment in cash on delivery. 
Free deliveries will be made within 24-30 hours from the order and from Monday to Friday. Deliveries on Saturday and Sunday are possible on request and subject to the availability of La Natura nel Gioco.


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