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How to buy

From the Home page, the Customer may choose whenever needed a category of interest and visualize the photos, descriptions, prices of the goods on sale on this site. By clicking on the photo, heading or brief description of the chosen product, he/she will be directed to the page of the product desired, where he/she will find further information, photos, availability and the price of each article. The customer will therefore choose the quantity desired and will click the icon “Add to Basket”. La Natura nel Gioco reserves the right to not accept orders for products which are momentarily not available, as indicated in “availability”.

At this point the Customer may: continue shopping or pass the cursor on the icon of the basket (top right), here he/she can visualize the summary of the products that are in his/her basket and /or can (clicking on the little black x on the right) empty the basket or go on shopping. In the second case, (basket summary), the basket will indicate:

1) the photo/s of the selected product/s;

2) the quantities chosen for each single product (identified by its name – by clicking on it, the system will refer the Customer back to the page describing the product);

3) the price;

4) delivery expenses;

5) total cost;

How to buy.

Access the basket and proceed to buy by clicking on “ check out”.

Summary of the Basket:

Summary. At this stage, after having checked the quantity, type of product and the descriptions, unit and total price, delivery expenses, one can choose whether:

1. to completely empty the basket, or to remove only part of the products to buy, clicking on the icon “remove”;

2. to go back to the page of the product/s clicking on the relative photo and/or description;

3. to go back shopping;

4. to proceed to buy by clicking the icon “continue”

Login. If the Customer is not already a registered Customer, he/she will have to register by following the guided procedure, (one is required to fill in: name, surname, address, tax identification number and also give an e mail address and mobile phone number). The new registered user will receive an e mail containing his/her login data of the new account allowing him/her to purchase on our site: . If the Customer is already a registered Customer, he/she will only have to fill in his/her e mail and password.

Delivery. The Customer will receive details regarding delivery times and he/she will have to choose the type of shipping desired, (see: Shipping and Delivery). The General Conditions of the Contract must be carefully read and accepted to proceed with the order. We are sorry but if the Customer does not accept these conditions, we will not be able to proceed with the order. By accepting the General Conditions, the summary of the purchased products will be displayed together with the total price including the shipping charges. The Customer will have to carefully check everything and if he/she believes all is correct, proceed with the payment clicking on the corresponding icon according to the method of payment desired. (see: Methods of payments), otherwise he/she will click on “previous” or go back. He/she will receive an e mail confirming the purchased order.

Purchases which have been successful, generate a conclusive stage and that is, the delivery to the address indicated by the Customer of the purchased product/s and which have already been paid for (except for Collect on Delivery which will have to be paid to the courier on delivery of the package). La Natura nel Gioco will file in its database the documents regarding the procedure. The Customer may visualize them through access to his/her account.


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