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ISADORA’S THEATRE  of Alessandra Smania

Let the words of Alessandra briefly describe her blog: "Isadora’s theatre  was founded in 2012 as a magical environment (magical means the art of transformation), where I can both work and have fun. I am professional performing artist, trainer, actress and the mother of two children, and I have a cat and a tortoise".

Here is the link you should absolutely visit to get to know more about her work:

DAILY MOTHER is Martina’s Family Nursery which is situated in Rome

I will shortly present it to you citing some of the things she said: "My Family Nursery was set up so as to offer a family environment to children which is both warm and cosy. The rooms are intended to respond to children’s requirements and are decorated in an adequate way according to the educational project”.

Here is the link to read more about Martina and her Family Nursery Ecco:


VEGAN BOY is the first book written by Angela Susini, illustrator and blogger

Angela Susini Italian illustrator, Fiorentina, now lives in Brighton in the UK .

It has just come out on Amazon and her blog ( ) her first vegan book for children.

This link directs you to the book:


The plot of the book:

Achille Vegan boy (the character really exists and is her son) .. he is a young modern super hero!

He dreams of a different world .. .. a cleaner world where men respect the planet Earth, nature and all the animals.

In this story Achille invites one of his friends out for lunch in a Vegan restaurant and he will make her taste many strange things.

Language: text in Italian and English (bilingual book).

A study for adults on how to live as a VEGAN.

The author’s biography.

Recommended age: 5 - 100 years old


Achille VEGAN boy is a VEGAN super hero child . A different type of super hero who gives a good example and intends to be an animal rescuer.

The age group to whom it is recommended goes from 5 to 100 but this simple story is also suitable for younger children, too.

The two texts, both in Italian and English make it suitable for older children. A parent should buy it and read it as the times have changed and the future is definitely vegan. Proposing this book to children will sensitize and stir up their innate love for all animals. During their upbringing many children are taught to love only a few species of animals, whilst others are intended to be normally as food.

This book is like a seed which will sprout in many homes and will open the eyes of many adults.
Nowadays we are bombarded by masses of information. But every parent, for what concerns him/her, can teach a lot and plant in the heart of his/her child the seed of the love for animals and for our planet and the respect and tolerance for what is different from us.

I intend to create a Vegan book series with the same main character, the vegan super hero boy, with the scope of making children become fond of this character who might then reflect each one of them!

An omnivorous parent is surely more skeptical but I believe that many parents have never really asked themselves why they eat meat… They have always done it as a habit from childhood and it has become a normal thing to do.
By this book, I hope to stimulate some curiosity in omnivorous parents. I hope one will be able to find it in the libraries not just as an alternative reading but as an innovative and revolutionary book.

The best reaction to people who criticize this, from my point of view, is to always reply as kindly as possible and never to insist, illustrating the “many strange types of food” to shake off false beliefs and fears regarding nutritional deficiency in those that do not know much about this style of nutrition.
Achille VEGAN boy is for adults and children ..whether it is for the fact that the story is in two languages for children or a study for adults. 

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