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GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard)

GOTS is a brand developed to guarantee the customer that the organic textile products are obtained according to the homogeneous and strict environmental and social criteria applied along all the stages of the production line, from the harvesting in the fields of natural fibres to the following manufacturing phases, up to labelling the final product.
It is a brand shared by all the operators as it was developed by the cooperation of the pool of manufacturing companies composed of producers sensitive to the protection of the environment and human dignity.
The most important points concern the in fact the manufacturing of the products:

  • Healthy for the final consumer, as they are without any potentially harmful chemical;

  • With a very low environmental impact, with a specific attention to eliminating , where possible, and however limiting the emissions of pollutants in the soil, the water and the atmosphere.

  • Obtained respecting the basic social and ethical principles towards workers involved in the production cycle.

The GOTS certification moreover verifies through the testing of samples of the products, the characteristics of their manufacturing quality so that the compliance of the ethical and organic requirements will not compromise the intrinsic quality of the textiles which must respect high standards of durability, resistance and aesthetic characteristics.

SA 8000

Social Accountability identifies an international standard for certification aimed at attesting certain aspects regarding the management related to corporate social responsibility (CSR - corporate social responsibility, in English). 
These are:

  • the respect of human rights,

  • the respect of the workers’ rights,

  • the protection of child exploitation,

  • guarantees of safety and health conditions at work.


Bioland is the association of the main organic farmers in Germany. The Bioland farms do not use pesticides and/or fertilizers. Animals are reared in suitable conditions according to their species. This permits an organic and eco-sustainable production.
Accredited test agencies approved by the State regularly check that the producers and farmers are compliant to the guidelines imposed by Bioland.

A Commission as an independent agent decides whether to award the Bioland brand after every inspection. The strict guidelines for farmers and organic producers go well beyond the regulations imposed by the European Community and are constantly under development.


FSC  is an International non-governmental body, independent and no profit organizationwhich includes among its member environmental and social groups, indigenous communities, forest owners, industries that process and trade wood, scientists and technicians who operate together to improve the management of the forests all over the World.

A responsible forest management means protecting the natural environment, bringing real advantages to the inhabitants, local communities, workers and guaranteeing efficiency in economical terms. FSC promotes all over the World a forest management which respects the environment, is socially useful and economically sustainable.


PEFC is a guarantee that all wooden raw materials which the paper and the various products are obtained from, comes from forests which are managed with sustainable methods.
The certified forests are regularly examined by independent inspectors. The principles of PEFC forest management:

  • it preserves the forest habitat for animals and plants,

  • it preserves the protective function the forest has towards the natural elements such as the water, the soil and the climate,

  • it protects the biodiversity of the forest eco-system,

  • it verifies from where the wooden raw materials come from,

  • it programs the cutting down of plants respecting the natural growth rate of the forest,

  • it provides for the areas which have been cut down to be replanted, preferably naturally regenerated and the growth of new plants,

  • it protects the rights and the health of workers,

  • it favours short distribution chains,,

  • it guarantees the rights of the indigenous inhabitants and the forest owners.


IISG – The Italian Institute for the Safety of Toys – a leading company in the context of safety certification sector for toys and products for children founded in Italy in 1978.
Since it was founded it has anticipated and promoted the development of safety and quality rules and regulations regarding the toy production sector and not only.
The extensive experience gained in the context of issues related to problems about the safety of products has led to the official acknowledgement of the Institute by the Ministry of Industry , now the Ministry of Economic Development as Notified Body in the European Commission (number 0376).

At the Italian Institute Safety regarding toys, a team composed of technicians, engineers and chemists has been working for many years, studying and analyzing the numerous types of toys and articles for children which are launched on the market.
A team of psychologists also contribute to this teamwork assessing the way children interact with toys during the various stages of child development, (classifying the suitable age groups for each toy and targeted researches on specific toys and on which abilities are requested by them for a satisfying game).


Spiel Gut is a German brand. A game or toy that has this brand has also positively passed the many tests proposed by qualified staff and the children themselves. ,
We will soon add more detailed information about this. 

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